Tailors Point Presser and Clapper

Another very handy traditional pressing tool, is the tailors point presser and clapper.

The point presser element probably does not require explanation, a hard, thin pressing edge has a variety of uses.

The clapper element was not something I had heard of prior to reading about these in a tailoring book.
The principle is simply that pressing with steam softens fibres and then sharply smacking the softened seam with the flat base of the clapper, flattens the seam more than an iron can and at the same time absorbs moisture from the steaming process, helping set the press in place.

Again a good quality one of these costs quite a lot and there are many cheap and not so good items available commercially.
By using dimensions found, online I constructed this from some beech that I had in my workshop roof, having planked it 25 years ago, after assisting a neighbour cut down a beech tree in his garden.

The finished thickness is approximately 7/8 of an inch, and is left unoiled or varnished, as the whole point of this tool is to allow the absorption of moisture from a freshly pressed seam thus drying and fixing it.

The point presser aspects of it it is very useful in pressing small seams and in other wise curved garments which would be impossible to press in the flat without wrinkling other sections.

There are variations of this tool, some with many curved appendages at the side allowing even further variety of small curved seems to be pressed.
I stuck with the basic design, feeling at the curved end and would probably be adequate for my needs in that respect.

If I turn out to be wrong, I have lots of beech left in the workshop loft!