Hardware projects

My background is in metalwork, CNC machining and woodwork. So when embarking upon my new hobby, it became quickly obvious to me that I could use my skills to save myself a lot of money. In many cases I could produce tools and equipment that simply were not available, or that were better / better adapted to my needs than those readily available.

Needing a small footprint portable industrial duty sewing machine for stitching heavy materials, this is my Singer 20U conversion.

When you have the machinery, you need to maintain it.
How to set the timing on an overlocker.

Pressing is key to good construction and a good finish to garments.
Finding myself in need of a good sleeve board and not much liking the readily available ones, this is my copy of an expensive Italian tailoring one.

Staying on the pressing theme
Another very handy pressing tool, is the tailors point presser and clapper.

Now for fitting.
The tailors mannequin.